Your Inner Purpose

I read a lot of books concerning mindfulness and meditation.  Authors like Eckhart Tolle, Thich Nhat Hanh, and Deepak Chopra are always my go-to.  Every now and then I pick up Eckhart Tolle’s deeply inspiring book, “The Power of Now,” and read an excerpt.  Recently, I read an excerpt in which he talks about our inner purpose and outer purpose.  He describes our inner purpose as having the ability to be in touch with our inner calmness, that space in our bodies where thoughts cease to be important and peace and acceptance wash over.  Tolle describes our outer purpose as the successes of ourselves in this world, that job promotion, or the house you own.  Both are important, but the latter is more manageable with having a deeper connection with our inner purpose.  Tolle says our outer purpose becomes almost like a game that we can manipulate the pieces of, if we have that deeper understanding of who we are inwardly.

I think it’s not so much about finding your inner purpose permanently as it is about visiting that space as often as possible.  I read about and watch YouTube videos about all kinds of people and their techniques of meditation, aligning chakras, praying, Yoga, they all lead to the same space inside us, it just depends on what catalyst you’re comfortable with getting you there.  However you do it, doesn’t matter, but the more you feel that space, the closer you become to feeling peace inside and out.  Tolle suggests that if you remain mindful to the fact that the outer existence is just a speck of what we truly are, and repeatedly connect with your inner-self, then your outer reality becomes easier to handle.  Sounds fantastic, doesn’t it?

I practice these ideas everyday and try to remind myself, in difficult moments, that ultimately it’s all OK, truly.  However, we all have these human minds that doubt and battle negativity or anxieties.  Tolle thinks that all of us have minds that try to sabotage our chances at a peaceful existence, what Christians describe as sin.  However you like to think of it, all humans seem to suffer from it.  I know for myself that it takes a lot of reminding some days to ease my negative thoughts and concerns.  The easiest way I nudge these reminders on myself are to breathe deeply, not the kind where my shoulders meet my ears, no, a breath that makes Buddha jealous!  Raise that belly!  I’ll also use essential oils that are calming, either topically or in the diffuser.  That has been greatly beneficial for me.

I know we can all use a little reminder sometimes, so I’m going to give you some right now.  Get ready for some motivation:

  1. You are an amazing creature and are a part of every other person and life-form in this world.  We are all connected.
  2. There will always be something to worry about because that’s just life, but you can choose not to worry and just let it be, because really, is the worrying helping?
  3. Let yourself be who you are, accept your faults and your anxieties/worries/compulsions.  You can change them if that would be better for you, but beating yourself up about it isn’t stopping it from happening.
  4. Dream big!  This universe is expansive enough for all of us to have abundance, however you want it AND you deserve it!
  5. Understand that everyone also needs these reminders and the tiniest bit of empathy goes a long way for yourself and for others.

Every moment we take to be conscious and accepting of ourselves will help us to nurture and grow that space inside us.  Stop and breathe, consciously, as often as you can.  Your body and mind will thank you and so will this world.  Your inner purpose and outer purpose will just happen naturally, no effort needed.  Just love and accept.  I hope these words have helped you as much as they helped me today.  Peace, love, and joy to you all.  XOXO


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