Introverts, Fear Not! 3 Things to Remember During Social Situations

Recently, I read a great article by another blogger about being introverted.  She mentioned how she loved people and talking to them because she loved relating to people on a deeper level, but that she needed time to recharge by herself because being social drained her.  This resonated with me in a big way and I felt validated and relieved that I had another human to relate to in this way.  It is also necessary for me to recharge after being very social.  The reason is because sometimes I overthink and over-anticipate if I am doing the “right thing.”  Can I get an amen?

For example, recently I was at a friend’s house and I wanted a drink, but they didn’t have many plastic cups left.  I took a glass and then thought, “Oh, but they’ll have to wash it.”  Then, went back to the plastic cup.  I should tell you I don’t always overthink to this extent, it was just one of those days for me.  I ended up just taking the plastic cup and laughing at myself with my friend because I knew he wasn’t judging my behavior.  Non-judgement is important for me.  If I feel like I’m being judged, my worries become even more pronounced!  So, as you can imagine, the overthinking can become tiring.  It is necessary for me to recharge and purge those thoughts.  I do this by meditating and/or using those essential oils that help me exhale deeply and clear my mind.  If I’m in a situation where I know it will be awhile until I can meditate, I will take a long deep breath and let it out, if I have a calming oil with me (Peace & Calming) I will use it and ahhhh, it does the trick!

I realized I was introverted a long time ago, but I never wanted to advertise it because I thought it wasn’t such a great quality.  Basically, it means that I work well in my own mind and enjoy being alone sometimes.  It does not mean that I don’t like people or don’t want to be around people.  I love people!  Although, if I’m in a large crowd I tend to gravitate to a corner and talk to a couple of people and usually the conversation tends to go deeper.  I really do enjoy connecting with other humans this way.  I want to know more and I want to relate to you!  This just happens naturally for me and I gravitate toward like-minded people.  I think in the past introverts were thought of as people that were anti-social, but in reality, introverts are just very introspective people that aren’t that interested in small talk.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that!  (a little Seinfeld reference – hehe)  I can only do small talk for a very short time because I don’t tend to think in this way, so there are only so many phrases and chatty things I have in my arsenal before I am standing there staring at you and worrying about what the *bleep* to say next!  That is why I love just listening sometimes.  Go ahead, take over, I can just sit back and relax and listen.

There are a few things I try to remind myself when I am in a social situation and I start overthinking.  I hope you find this helpful, or at the very least, you have another human being to relate to ❤

  1. Most people are not judging you, or if they are, those judgments don’t usually last very long.  The judgments, I’m sure, are not thought of for as long as you worry about them!  So stop worrying about them!
  2. Breathe… It really helps to let go of any unnecessary thoughts you might be holding on to.
  3. When you let go, you become your more authentic-self and that’s a good-self to be.  Your best choices will come from this place and you will worry less and feel better about yourself in the situation.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed this article.  Remember, if you’re interested in any oils, contact me first because I’d hate for you to pay retail.  You can either get started yourself by becoming a member and getting a kit, or I can order anything for you through my account for wholesale pricing!  Peace out, fellow oilers!

2 thoughts on “Introverts, Fear Not! 3 Things to Remember During Social Situations

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  1. I had those thoughts when I was younger, and I realized that I shouldn’t be self conscious, I should be God conscious, and that I believe that if it were meant to be it will be. No need to pressure myself to go above and beyond and to be everything to everyone, I only have to follow peace, and to be lead not driven!


    1. Yes! Follow your heart follow the light. I am always reminding myself of that. If it’s from your heart you’ll never go wrong. ❤️


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