The Human Collective

It’s been awhile since I’ve published an article.  I’ve been flip flopping with negative thought patterns and finding the right inspiration to write about.  I finally feel that lifting and wanted to send you all the inspiration!  My negative thoughts were swirling: judgments in my head of myself or of the situations around me.  “I wish _____,” or “Why can’t it be ____ instead of ____,” or “I want____.”  Thoughts that start this way are unconscious, they cause us to then have negative reactions to things, and they only lead to more negative thoughts.  Once the ball gets rolling you get lost on the negativity wheel.  You become unconscious, constantly assessing the situations in your life and ultimately having negative judgments about those situations, meaning you wish it was somehow different.  This is the state of mind where you believe that if the situation around you was different that somehow that outside situation will make you feel more positive and peaceful on the inside.  Any way of looking at things other than acceptance is going to cause distress, displeasure, sometimes even disease.  So during this time I’ve been listening to teachings of spiritual teachers and motivational speakers.  I was reminded that our thoughts aren’t truly who we are, just a function of our brain, which is a physical interpretation of our soul, our essence, our consciousness, however you want to think of it.  There is a presence you can feel when you cease to think, like in moments of complete peace or sometimes in complete chaos, there is a sense that you can feel that is still.  There is no thought, there is no concern, you just are, that is consciousness.

We’ve all felt this consciousness, when you try, you can recreate the feeling, but our minds inevitably stop us by beginning those negative thoughts again.  “I don’t have time to do that,” or “I won’t,” or “I can’t,” or “That’s dumb!”  Sometimes our brains really push us hard and prevent us from true stillness, but there doesn’t need to be stillness in your surroundings for you to feel conscious.  If you are waiting for your surroundings to be a certain way then you are listening to that brain of yours when it tells you “there’s no time!”  Stop, whether you are sitting, standing, talking to someone, this can be done anywhere, anytime, let your thoughts shed and be still, be conscious.  You can achieve this in any circumstance, at any stage of life, at any walk of life.  We ALL have that unlimited source of energy inside us that pours through us if we are just still enough to let it flow.  It doesn’t mean we stop doing things, it means we do the same things, only now we do it with a clearer sense of meaning and intuition.  That infinite power is flowing through us and is capable of doing anything we desire.

The biggest obstacle we face is ourselves.  I know because I live in the volley between this source energy and unconscious thought pattern.  I know that when I am conscious and open enough to let this power flow through me I attract and create wonderful things.  I act and speak in wonderful ways, with a heart and mind wide open.  We all have this inside us, we are all capable of all the things we want, you just have to let go, be still, and let that energy flow through.

Along with ourselves, we also have to face others unconsciousness.  It’s never easy to face when someone is coming at you with negativity or even anger.  This is when you want to connect deeper into your consciousness and understand that this person you’re faced with is just an extension of you.  We are all interconnected.  Humanity is a collective.  I think of all humans as being part of this hum, this constant, like the ocean, or an ant colony.  There are photographs from the atmosphere that show humans and nature moving in a hum or a vibration that visually displays our connectedness.  As soon as you become aware of this person on a deeper level and understand that they are not apart from you, it becomes easier to respond instead of react.  It is not always easy, especially when the person is close to you and you have a lot of back story that conjures up when they start to come at you with negativity.  Now you’re not only trying to block the negativity of their present behavior, but you are also trying to still your mind of the past negative experiences with that person.  This is when it’s most important to stay conscious and present, without letting your mind waver from the thought that we are a collective and  perfect system buzzing about this Earth.  When you’re coming from a place of deep connectedness then you’ll know how to respond and not react in conjunction to how that person is behaving.

It takes practice, it takes patience, more with yourself than with others, but it can be done.  If you respond instead of react 50% of the time, think of what a positive impact that would have on your life and in the world.  If you can still your mind and become conscious 30% of the time think about those implications!  There is something I heard recently that keeps repeating in my mind and it helps me stay the course: “Work harder on yourself than you do anything else.”  I pray this blesses you how I meant it to.

Peace, Love, and Oils – Lauren

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