A Reflection on the Wisdom of ’90s Song Lyrics

I’ve been listening to an awesome playlist on Amazon Music called “I miss the ’90s.”  There are so many great songs on there and I realized some things while listening…the ’90s had some kick A** music and such wise lyrical sentiments! I think every generation should have such an influence and I am very grateful I received the words of these greats!

One of my favorite songs of the ’90s is New Radicals – “You Get What You Give.”  It’s incredible how your perception of reality changes and shapes as you grow because I never heard anything of significance in this song at the time.  I just knew it made me feel good when I heard it and I would blast it and shout it out the windows of my car.  Listening now, I realize the whole song is a beautiful prose of not letting life pass a single moment by without breathing and exuding gratitude and thanks to it, while also aggressively saying “screw the materialistic lifestyle of celebrity.”  There is a particular lyric in the song that struck a chord in me…”When the night is falling; You cannot find your friend; You feel your tree is breaking, just bend.”  What an exquisite way to explain the secret to life.  Surrender.  Surrender to that which we cannot control.  Surrender to our emotions without attaching to them.  Surrender to the opinions of others.  Surrender from our own judgments and assessments of everything we perceive and experience (no wonder we are all so exhausted).  Surrender.  In that one line he said everything.  I have goosebumps thinking about it!

And if that weren’t enough, next on the playlist was the poetic genius that is John Popper of Blues Traveler.  His passion and grit is so poignant it’s hard not to feel inspired and moved by his lyrics and singing. In “Run-Around” he pleas for the attention of a lover and toward the end comes to terms with the reality that the affection is not reciprocated and belts out “But I know no matter what the waitress brings I should drink it and always be full; Yeah, I will drink it and always be full.” I thought how similar in wit to the New Radicals song, but with an added tip!  Yes, roll with the tide, and be flexible, but also recognize the fulfillment of life itself, have gratitude for even the challenges. Without those challenges how could we ever experience joy?  You need the lows to appreciate and recognize the highs.

If I wasn’t so busy angst-ing in the ’90s I might’ve heard these pearls, but then maybe I wouldn’t be who I am today, or maybe I am because of them.  All I know is it’s quite awesome to relive all the feels of these songs with my aged view of reality.  I don’t know if “I miss the ’90s,” but I sure do enjoy hearing the music from this perspective mingled with the my past perspective.  It was a far out decade for sure and I’m thankful to have grown up in it!

What songs from the ’90s inspire you?

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