How Does Your Ring-Wave Flow?

As I sit and watch raindrops falling in my pool, creating rings upon rings of tiny waves, I am reminded of the effect our consciousness has on everyone and everything around us. Our thoughts and feelings rippling out into the world. Whether we want the effect to be absorbed into others or not, it is. All of our actions and non-actions are extended far out from us, caught in the vast ocean of human consciousness. What is the quality of your ring-wave? What do you want your ring-wave to feel like, to embody?

Many things are said without being spoken. For instance, I can tell you I am fine, but everything you’re sensing is telling you I’m not fine. In every move I make, the words I choose or don’t choose make it clear to you I am not fine with something. My ring-wave is distorted. My drop has interference and is not blending into the other drops. If my thoughts and feelings are resisting the moment we’re in, you’ll feel it. If you are resisting what I’m showing you, you’ll feel that too. In either account, or both, now there’s a mess in the water. It is not a dance of drops melding into each other like a kaleidoscope. It is not in rhythm with life.

A lot of the time people are moving through life with their perspective only. I am the center, I think, I feel, I am, it’s all about me. When you stop and consider it, you are your own universe. Everything is happening to me, effecting me. You love those around you and would do anything for them, but do you see them as themselves, or are you seeing them through the lens of YOU? Many times our internal complaints are thoughts about why people aren’t doing things the way we want them to be done. Why aren’t they doing it this way, or that way? When you consider it simply like this it seems ridiculous, but really that’s how it is. When we’re dissatisfied with life, it’s usually because we are upset that someone has done something different than how we thought it should be done. Why did he do that? Because he is his own accumulation of experiences and properties, separate from you, but connected through consciousness. His thoughts and feelings ring out to you and you don’t like that. I don’t want to feel his consciousness, but the reality is we’re all drops in the same ocean. That drop rings out and when it hits you, you have two choices, blend, or resist.

Blending does not mean you’re passive and let other people push you around, blending means you are flexible enough to understand the other’s ring-wave, and strong enough to decide you will not hold onto it, but view how it effects your consciousness and expand with it. I see your drop and raise you an expanded drop of heightened awareness. Instead of resisting the other person’s ring-wave, why not try letting it pass through you and viewing your own experience with it, without resisting or trying to manipulate it? Expanding the drop into the water on both ends, transmuting the drop by letting it flow on its own accord. The advantage is becoming aware of many other perspectives and allowing the situation to play out naturally. There are endless ways to experience any given situation or moment. When you allow the drop to settle, your resulting words or actions then come from a place of cohesiveness instead of resistance. Your mind and body will know how to react in a way that makes sense to elevate and expand the situation, not cause more resistance. This is the dance of life.

The question is, what do you want your drop in the ocean to ring out like? Interference or cohesiveness? It’s a tough question because you will come to realize just how much you want everything to be your way. You are not willing to sacrifice your strongly felt convictions for someone else’s ring-wave. But would you blend into the ocean for your own peace of mind? The answer then, would be a resounding “yes.” The point of the question is to help us see just how stuck we are in our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, opinions. It’s not easy, but it’s a life’s work, and the only work that truly matters. Why else are we here? To live our small existence complaining about how we want things to be OUR way, and “just getting through the day?” Or are we here to truly understand ourselves and others, to make peace in our lives and ring out seamlessly into the ocean of human consciousness; creating the dance?

The choice is always our own, which is both reassuring and devastating because you realize everything you’re thinking and feeling is your own doing. You don’t like what is happening? Why? What about you is resisting? Why do you need it to be different? Are you playing the bully or the victim? Are you fighting tooth and nail against what the situation is or are you just so confused about why it’s happening to you? Why me? If the answers are more about other people or the undesirable situation you’re in, than about yourself, then you’re not ready to see your own faults. Nothing will change. Whether you realize it or not, you’re not ready to let go of the part of you that wants to hang on to the struggle. Why? Ask yourself why you want to hang on, see what comes up. We all have things we just won’t let go of, our self-inflicted baggage. If you’re willing to put the work in and contribute cohesiveness to the pond, ask yourself the tough questions when you sense your resistance rising up. Humanity is not short on resistance right now so practice is quite fruitful.

When my own resistances come up I ask myself tough questions about how I’m perceiving it. Sometimes I’m ready to answer them and sometimes I’m not. Be patient, there is time, and the same issue you had will rise up again shortly. Keep observing it, it’s your own seasoned trend of resistance. See it for what it is, toy with it, ask questions about it, turn it upside down and view it. But don’t look outside yourself for the answers because it’s not anywhere else but inside you, because you’re right, you are the Universe. It is inside you, the way you see it is the only way, so choose fluidity instead of rigidness. See yourself and your tendencies with clarity, with sincere honesty; and it’s OK we all have faults, that’s what makes us human. It’s the seeing it that matters, just that humble knowing makes all the difference in the ocean of human consciousness.

Create a colorful, expansive, kaleidoscope of ring-waves in the ocean of consciousness; see yourself fully. The only real change we can ever make is of ourselves. You will not change anyone or anything by resistance, it is futile; let it go. See yourself, change yourself.

I will continue to expand and elevate for the sake of our ocean of consciousness, and I pray the same for any of you reading this. I love you all, interference or cohesiveness, we are all drops in the same ocean. XO

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