All The Things We Do Not Want

Spindly webs,

Tenuously creeping,

Reaching slow, steady, weak,

But over time a thick, impenetrable wall created.

No space grows there,

Light nor darkness touched.

Cocoon-like, but hollow.

Disgust, anger, resentment rise when touched.

No hum,

Only a faint vibration.

Guilt, shame, sadness, self-pity,

Absorbed inside.

Toiling because no space appears to let light in.

The part of the whole I do not want to see.

These complimentary feelings inside me,

I want to tear them out like dead leaves.

Poisoning the growth of new life,

Stunting the cycle,

Smothering its reach toward light.

I am afraid of drowning.

Let me keep my head above so I can see the light.

Save me.

I will fight,

But not that fight.

The tree in the wind,

The resolute, strong, and receptive.

Help me accept,

Help me understand it.

All the unwanted, decrepit, disdained.

They are but a fragment of the whole.

Wisps detached one strand at a time.

Keep at it, breathe, accept,

Breathe, accept.

That is all there ever is.

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