Live with Passion

I’ve been thinking a lot about the law of attraction and what that means and how I can apply it to my own life.  If you don’t know, the law of attraction is the force between what you know will happen (not believe) and how we bring those situations and events to our lives.  Every person who has succeeded at something, whether it be conquering a fear of driving over a bridge, or becoming a world famous singer has succeeded because they pushed past any fears and reservations they had about succeeding.  They knew, not believed, but envisioned their success, saw the end result over and over again to get to that end result.  There are many limiting beliefs, or obstacles in the way of attaining our goals, but what are those obstacles?  Ourselves.  Our thoughts and fears about what we think we deserve or fear of the unknown.  There are many obstacles our minds create, you have to figure out what those thoughts are and replace them with thoughts of “Yes, I CAN” and “Yes, I DO deserve.”

Many of us get stuck, we feel down and out, we can’t get up, we “wish” we could.  You have to ask yourself, “Do I truly want to get up?”  What is it that’s preventing me from believing I can push past this fear, this obstacle that’s getting in the way of me living a full life?  The truth is you can view the world and what happens in it any way you’d like to.  The world doesn’t do things to you, it’s your perception to those things that create your individual reality.  If someone cuts you off in the car and you almost crash, on the day you win the lottery you’d probably laugh and say “Holy crap I almost missed out on cashing in!” but on the day you lose your job, your reaction could be a lot more explosive.  We carry the weight of our thoughts.  Our thoughts about what happens in our lives stay with us.  We repeat them in our heads.  If we have an awful experience and we become lost in our reaction to this event, we tend to repeat these thoughts in our heads for years.  Why do we do this?  Eckhart Tolle thinks the human mind is wired for self-sabotage.  The truth is, we can change the script in our heads.  As soon as you hear the same thoughts or see the same images repeating and it’s not a great memory, turn your focus to the present.  What are 3 things you see around you?  If you can go outside, go outside.  Nothing will make you feel more grounded and in the moment than being in nature.

Why not repeat some loving and happy thoughts in your head.  Think back to a time when you felt incredible and everything made sense, you were happy.  For me the first one that comes to mind is when my first son was born.  There was a complete shift in perception, things seemed to make sense that didn’t before.  I was spiritually and emotionally moved.  I felt so connected.  What if we could feel this way all the time?  Think back to the time that you felt connected, peaceful, happy.  Close your eyes (after you read this – hehe) and picture yourself there again.  Breathe into it, feel it inside and out, stay there, bask in it.  When you open your eyes, hold on to those feelings, carry it with you through your day.  Don’t long for that time again, create those feelings in THIS moment, only better, because you’re older and wiser.  Now if we can take that joy and peace with us and let it flow through us in every action that we take and every interaction we have with others we could really make a difference in our perception and the perception of others.

We have the ability to change what we’re thinking and once we learn how to do that the sky is the limit.  Once you truly understand your goals are in your hands, all you have to do is see those achievements happening, not wish, not believe, but KNOW, and it’s yours.  The motivation and the drive will be there to make it happen naturally.  It’s the knowing it’s going to happen that needs to happen first or there will be blockages and obstacles.  No one can push past them but you.  If you’re telling yourself that you “can’t” then you won’t.  If you’re longing for it or wishing it was different it won’t happen either.  There is a certain tone to longing and wishing, there is doubt and sadness behind it.  The reason prayer is so powerful is because there is a faith so strong behind it that God WILL make it happen.  That’s the kind of faith you need to have behind your goals.

In the past couple of years I’ve gone through a spiritual shift that has led me to this moment now, writing to you, pushing past my fears to let you know that you are a part of me and we are a part of this universe that is vast and bountiful.  There is no reason we all can’t have those things we’re craving, but our minds create obstacles to attaining them.  Let go of those fears and those limits you’re placing on yourself.  There are two major blessings that I’ve encountered that have created this shift in my mind, body, and spirit.  The first is Eckhart Tolle’s, The Power of Now, and the second is Young Living essential oils.  When I read The Power of Now I had a complete awakening from being a victim of my own mind my entire life, and finding Young Living essential oils has been an incredible blessing to help me overcome my fears of just being me, uninhibited and without fear of judgement.  Applying and diffusing essential oils have helped me to break free from barriers, from speaking my mind in meetings at work to giving more hugs to my family and friends.  Not shying or backing out like I have in the past because I felt awkward.  Also, writing to you fine people has helped me break free from those barriers I was holding on to.  Right now I have motivating oils on my neck, forehead, wrists, and in my diffuser!  It’s helping!

It is vital for us as humans to feel a purpose in life and to grow.  We never stop growing.  Our hearts and spirit have no limit, you can let more in.  Figure out what’s holding you back and why.  Why are you holding back?  What is it that you’re holding on to and why?  Maybe you don’t have a lot of money to do the things you want.  How can you change that?  Can you save a little bit at a time toward a goal that you have?  Can you go to school part time to learn a new skill?  There are ways out of your current situation if those are your barriers.  You just have to break through the mental barriers that are blocking you from following through with those actions that can lead you toward that goal you “wish” you had.  KNOW that you CAN and the motivation will be there to make it happen.  All you need is a spark to start the fire.  I am praying I can light that spark for you with the love and passion I am pouring into these words.  Go forth!  Push past those limiting beliefs!  You CAN, you ARE deserving, and this universe is abundant enough for ALL of our dreams and more!  Peace, love, and happiness to you all! ❤

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    1. I completely agree with you. Everything we need is already inside us we just need to be still enough to feel it! ❤️


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